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The Leader of Korean Confucian Academies

When viewed on its compound plan, Dosanseowon can be divided into Dosanseodang and Dosanseowon as a whole. Dosanseodang is where Sir. Toegye Yi Hwang used to lecture, and Dosanseowon is a term for the place, which includes Dosanseodang, and the academy and shrine, which were built after he passed away.

The allocation form of Dosanseowon shows the typical Jeonhakhumyo form, which is an architectual style comprising of a layout in which the classroom is in front of the shrine." , where an education facility, a lecture hall is at the front, and a ritual facility, a shrine stands behind, and this form was taken after by many later academies. Dosanseowon, which displayed its excellent capability as the chief site of Choseon Sung Confucianism and the center of Yeongnam Confucianism, is acknowledged especially as the leader of Korean Confucian academies.

The buildings of the academy was designed simple and frugal, and reflected the attitude of a scholar, who studied qualities and scholarship of Sir. Toegye Yi Hwang.

  1. Dosanseodang group :
    Dosanseodang, Nonguhnjeongsa, Yeongnakseojae, Hagojiksa, Jeongwoodang
    • Dosanseodang: Wanlakjae, Ahmseoheon
    • Nong-uhnjeongsa: Siseupjae, Gwanlanheon
  2. Dosanseowon group :
    Jindomuhn, Jeongyodang, Bak-yakjae, Hongyeuijae, Donggwangmyeongsil, Seogwangmyeongsil, Jangpangak, Sangojiksa
  3. Ritual(Jehyang) buildings group :
    Sangdeoksa, Sammuhn, Jeonsacheong
  4. Subsidiary facility group :
    Okjingak, Yeoljeong